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Complex Geographic Routing

One number that gets your customers to
exactly where they need to be.

  • Make your advertising simple and effective when you advertise just one number
  • Level up your customer service by connecting them with the local service they need
  • Streamline your processes and give your customers and staff a better experience

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What is Geographic Routing?

Happier customers, fewer transfers and
better results.

Geographic routing is also known as geo-routing or position-based routing. It automatically identifies a caller’s location, then directs their call to the closest store, branch, or office.

This means your customers can ring one number from anywhere in the country, and get the right service for their location.

The alternatives to this tech? Advertising all your store numbers or manually transferring calls via a head office. Both of these alternatives are inconvenient for you AND your customers. Geographic routing just makes sense for everyone.

Types of Geographic Routing

We offer two types of geo-routing.

Simple Geographic Routing

Forward call to your chosen location based on the Caller’s region – up to 17 regions supported.

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Complex Geographic Routing

Forward call to your chosen location based on the Caller’s region – up to 74 regions supported.

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Why use Geographic Routing?

Efficiently connect your customers with local services.

More efficient marketing

Advertise just one phone number to reach all your locations. Increase your conversion rate and improve customer experience by making it easy for customers to contact you.

Improve your customer service

When you automatically serve local results, your customers get what they need faster. Automating this gives your team more time to focus on what matters, like delighting your customers.

Streamline your processes

Nobody wants to waste time. Holding, transfers, and long wait times frustrate everyone. A faster result will increase your conversion rate and make your staff and customers happier.

How does it work?

Connect callers to your nearest office or service.

Who uses Geographic Routing?

Everyone who needs to route their calls interstate.

Our customers get a local response straight away, and local customers are prioritised over callers from locations where our company isn’t as active.
Zintel Customer

Zintel Customer Case Study

Dave runs a New Zealand Solar Supplies company. He has agents in multiple regions. As his company grew, phone calls started to get confusing. And it was affecting productivity and customer service. With calls coming through to everyone from three different states, he needed a solution.

Dave's Zintel Plans
Plan Type Basic Value Plan
Geographic Routing Single Buy
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Compatibility with inbound numbers.

Available with

0800 Number

0800 number is more memorable, more professional, and more attractive for prospective customers.

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0508 Number

0508 number gives your business a greater competitive edge, enabling your customers to call you toll-free.

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Word Number

Word Number are 0800 numbers0508 numbers or 0800 numbers followed by a word, such as 0800 zintel or 0508 service.

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Local Virtual Number

Local numbers allow you to tailor your phone number for different geographic locations, so you appear as a local wherever you advertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes. This will mean that you can direct calls locally within that state.

You can send those calls to a default answer point, exclude that state, or send callers to another state.

Yes. When you set up Geographic Routing, you can define which states you want to use it for.

Complex Geographic Routing

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