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0800 Numbers

Change the way your customers see you with a Zintel 0800 Number.

We know your business is going places. Our inbound numbers and call services will help you get there.

I had a very good experience with Zintel. They always give good suggestions when I call them. Good team and service, and I brought in a lot of new clients after using a 0800 number.
Easy Pest Control – Paul
What are 0800 Numbers?

Making an 0800 Number work for your small business.

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0800 Numbers

A national brand needs a national presence and the most cost effective way of boosting your business profile to a national level is with 0800 Numbers. A 0800 Number is a national phone number which can be called from any landline within New Zealand for the cost a local standard call, regardless of where the caller is located. They are designed to be a single source of contact for all of your New Zealand customers, helping to simplify your customers’ journeys when they call to engage you for goods or services. 0800 Numbers are easy to remember and can be contained on all of your marketing material without the need to update for local number changes. You can attach 0800 Numbers New Zealand to your brand easily and cost-effectively, creating timeless marketing material that will always direct your customers to a relevant and recent phone number.

0800 Numbers allow you to redirect calls to your business number on to any existing mobile, landline or VoIP number which means that you can offer your customers a single source of contact 24/7 that will always lead to the most appropriate and most available responder from your business. We take care of all call routing and call tracking for you. All you need to do is buy a 0800 Number and then tell us where you want your calls directed to.

A 0800 telephone number offers you the most flexibility for your business. You can answer calls made to your 0800 Numbers whenever it suits you, taking advantage of our answering service when you’re busy or when calls are made to your business number outside of regular trading hours. Calls forwarded to you or your most appropriate business representative can be taken anywhere in New Zealand offering you the flexibility of capturing every call no matter where you are or what you’re doing. When your customers are calling from a landline, they enjoy capped rates at the cost of local call which you can use to promote your customer service commitment. Customers who know they’re already getting a great deal just by getting in contact with you are more likely to turn into valuable leads and away from your competitors.

0800 Numbers are also great ways to grow your business profile from a local operation to all over New Zealand. As your business begins to grow, your 0800 Number from Zintel can offer you even more. We can use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to automate calls directed to the most appropriate business representative further simplifying and shortening every customer journey from initial contact to converted sales lead.

Knowing exactly how each part of your business is working for you is invaluable, especially for small businesses. Our phone service offerings also include call management and reporting tools which offer you important and relevant insights into your business like revealing your ROI on marketing initiatives or which regions you should be targeting and expanding within. You can clearly see exactly where your calls are coming from and watch your brand awareness expand across the country as more and more customers search and find your central business number in your market place.

We’ll find the perfect number for your business

How to get a 0800 number

The easiest answer to how to get a 0800 Number is to contact a consultant from Zintel today. We can take you through every step of the process and break down every 0800 Number cost, so you know exactly how your new 0800 Numbers work. Alternatively, you may already have 0800 Numbers or a 0508 Number (toll free) and you’re looking for a new telecommunications solution. We can easily port over your existing inbound number and take over your call centre services, including call reporting and a range of customer service responsibilities on behalf of your business. There’s no need to apply for a new number or update all of your existing stationery and website contact. Just let us know what your current number is and who it’s provided by and we can take care of the rest.

We offer our clients thousands of call options including the ability to customise how calls to your 0800 Numbers are directed and when. You don’t need any additional software, applications or hardware solutions. We utilise your existing mobile or land line provider to deliver your call forwarding solution.

We don’t offer locked-in contracts or hide our fees in the small print. We understand that small businesses don’t need setbacks or mediocre services for high fees and charges. Everything we offer easy to understand and yours to customise whichever way you see fit. We are 100% upfront with all 0800 Number costs and we are happy to walk you through exactly how your new phone service will work. It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up and secure a new 0800 Number so let us help you choose the most affordable telecommunications solution for your business.

We’re committed to helping small businesses grow and develop. We understand that businesses of a certain size need all of the support they can get which is why we offer our clients a New Zealand technical support team available 24/7. Our account managers are experts who work to ensure that every client and every business that we support is given the highest service for the best price. You can cancel your contract with Zintel at any time, putting you in control of how your 0800 Numbers work for you.

Poor quality lines are frustrating for both businesses and customers and trying to establish your brand as a national business relies on having the best technological solutions to back your brand up. Using Tier 1 corporate grade networks, we guarantee your business calls will be of the highest quality.

Not sure which type of number will work best for your business? That’s why we’re here. As well as offering 0800 Numbers and the powerful call routing options to back your new number up, we also offer a host of other telecommunication services, including international toll free numbers. Choose from phone words which allow you to choose a business number that spells out a relevant term using a standard alphanumeric keypad or choose virtual numbers that give your business a local look and feel no matter where you are actually located. A virtual phone number is typically used by businesses who are seeking to engage local customers in targeted areas. You can print a business land line number with a local area code on all of your marketing materials and have customers who call you on that local number actually reach you anywhere in New Zealand.

Everything we offer is scalable and affordable, designed to support every type of business at every stage of development. You can easily increase your monthly plan or add to your existing call features when business is booming or remove certain features and reduce your monthly plan throughout quieter business periods. We’re always available to chat with and offer you solutions.

Contact a consultant today to discover how 0800 Numbers can work for your business and the kind of control and flexibility we offer business clients looking to increase their customer availability and start moving into a nationally recognised space with their brand and business.

Setting yourself up for success.
Backed by expert support and assistance.

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Answer calls to your 0800 number wherever and whenever it suits you. Our call features give you the ultimate freedom and flexibility.



Never miss a call to your 0800 number with our call forwarding feature. It allows you to move freely from your office to the job site (or school pickup) without letting a call go to your competitors.



As your business grows, your 0800 number can offer you even more. When you have separate team members for sales and customer service, you can use IVR to direct the right calls to the right people.



If you ever need to expand or relocate, getting new phone numbers will be very expensive. Updating your collateral and business cards alone can cost you hundreds of dollars. With a 0800 number you never have to worry. You can take your 0800 number anywhere in New Zealand!



Every dollar counts for small businesses. With a 0800 number you can make sure your marketing channels are delivering real results. Our call management reporting helps you see where sales calls are actually coming from.


Never miss a lead again.

No additional software/app or hardware needed. Works through your
existing mobile/landline provider. Does not require the internet to answer calls

No additional software/app or hardware needed. Works through your
existing mobile/landline provider. Does not require the internet to answer calls

No Contracts. No Hidden fees. No regrets.
It’s your call.

Small businesses don’t need setbacks.
That’s why we are 100% upfront with our costs.

Ready to buy?

Our team will be in touch to give you the
best solution tailored to your business needs.

Need Help Deciding?

Choosing the right solution can be complex.
Let us help you through it all!

Why Zintel?

At least some small business decisions are easy.

We are your one-stop-shop for managing your calls. Small businesses rely on Zintel.


Small businesses need big support

We know it can be tough figuring things out on your own. That’s why our New Zealand based
technical support team is always here for you, 24/7. We work around the clock, handling over 1500 support enquiries every month.


Don’t let a poor quality call signal a poor quality business

We use Tier 1 corporate grade networks to ensure maximum reliability, 99.99% uptime and uncapped calling ability (we don’t limit the number of concurrent calls to your 0800 number) ensure our robust technology delivers for your business.


You manage your business

All Zintel 0800 numbers include call features that will change the way you do business and give you the flexibility to cancel at any time with
no lock-in contracts.

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0800 Number benefits that will change your business.

A 0800 number is more memorable, more professional, and more attractive for prospective customers.

Be on the go

Avoid that sinking feeling of a missed call that leaves no message. After all, your next call could be your next big client

Advertise the number
New Zealand wide

A 0800 number signals you are established and reputable. There’s a reason the big companies use them.

Keep your number even if
you relocate

Whether it’s the growth of your team or a change of location, you’ll always be reached on the same phone number.

Features that work for you

Use the powerful call features for more efficiencies so you can concentrate on managing and building your business.

We allow you to get the most out of your number.

Had no issues. I would recommend Zintel. Simple pricing structure and plans.

Zintel Customer Case Study

Too often we speak with customers who are doing a great job but are missing important phone calls. Sound familiar? Missed calls really affect new businesses because in the early days you’re still building your reputation and relying on every sale.

Luckily, the frustration of missed calls is preventable and easy to fix with Zintel. We can make such a difference to your small business. With our knowledge, support and services, we’ll help you look big, feel professional and put an end to your calls going to your competitors.

Number Type 0800 Number
Call Features Day Routing
Geographic Routing
Plan Basic

Totally upfront. We make our fine print big print.

What to Look for What to Avoid

Reliability & Network

Remove drop-offs or quality issues when you’re in a business call

Tier 1 provider with corporate grade up time and system redundancies Low quality VoIP infrastructure that can cause bad connections

Concurrent Calling

Don’t limit your sales because your toll free number has a limit. Allow multiple calls at any time whether it is a campaign or you have a call centre.

Unlimited concurrent calls as much as your answer point can handle. Potentially limit your concurrent calls to less than 5
0800 Number Call Features

Features that will change the way you do business.

When you buy an inbound number through Zintel, you can instantly improve your business with our included call features.

Call Forwarding

Call Overflow – Sequential

Business Hours Routing

Time & Day-Based Routing

Simple Geographic Routing

Geographic Routing Copy 3

Complex Geographic Routing

Simple Menu Routing

Complex Menu Routing

Key Press to Answer

Call Blocking

Call Announce

Inbound Call Recording

Outbound Call Recording

Call Reporting & Analytics

Play Announcement

Voice to Email

Virtual Receptionist

Professional Voice Over

Professional Voice Talent Recording

Email to SMS

Email to SMS

See how your business can benefit


Features that will change your business.

You can still present a professional image to your customers, even if you’re a small business. Our powerful call features will get you there. Give your business the ultimate freedom and flexibility to never miss a lead again.

Our team maximises what your business can do

0800 Number Availability

Don’t mind what you have there.

Call Us on 0800 946 835 we can help find the right number for you.

Found the number? Need help setting it up or couldn’t find the number and need help finding the right one?

Request a Call Back

Request a call back. We’ll help you get it sorted.

Compare Your Options

Which type of number suits your business?

Easily find the difference between 0800 Number, 0508 Numbers and Local Virtual Numbers to ensure you make the best decision for your business

0800 Numbers 0508 Numbers Local Virtual Number
Plans Available Available on all plans Available on all plans Available on all plans
Cost to your customer, when they call Free Call Free Call Landline Call
Cost to your business Refer to plan specifications Refer to plan specifications Refer to plan specifications
Number Example 0800 123 123 0508 123 123 (09) Auckland
(03) Christchurch/Dunedin
(075) Tauranga
(04) Wellington
Feature Compatibility Compatible with ALL features Compatible with ALL features Not Compatible with:
Geographic Routing
Restricted Call Access

Need help deciding? We’re always here to help…


A smart business decision you won’t regret.


Choose Your Number Types

How It Works


Select Your Value Plan

Pricing and Plans


Select Your Advanced Features

Call Features

Need help getting started? Call us on 0800 946 835

0800 Number Add-ons

Business Boosters: Handle calls more professionally.

Professional Call Recording

Your business can sound just as professional as New Zealand’s leading big businesses. How? With a professional voice recording. We can arrange a professional voice artist to record your voice greeting, voice-mail and IVR menu and install it in your system. It’s a great way to give your business a professional edge.

Virtual Receptionist

Want every call to be answered by a friendly professional? Virtual Receptionist is the perfect solution for personalising your customer experience. It’s like having a receptionist without paying for one. Our New Zealand-based call centre answers your call and sends you a short message via SMS or email so you can follow up your sales leads.

Transfer Existing Number

Make the Switch without missing a beat!

Check circle

Complete freedom of choice!

Keep your existing numbers or pick new numbers

Check circle

We make switching seamless

Zero downtime, no porting fees

Check circle

Start saving with our all-inclusive plans

Plans start from $20 a month with
included calls and call features

Achieving outstanding results over and over again.

The lower costs enabled us to compete in new markets. The service we receive is far better than other providers.
EziTracker NZ
We continue to receive amazing customer service and care, which Youthline values highly and appreciates greatly.
Youthline Auckland
Nice speedy customer service. Easy to use.
New office

Starting a new office?

Start off on the right foot with a professional image that makes your business look bigger.

View Case Study
Growing business

Growing Business?

We’ll help you grow your business and figure our what’s working for you and what isn’t.

View Case Study

Frequently Asked Questions.

No, to obtain a 0800 number, you must purchase one of our zintel plans where the number is included. Also, for your customers, it will cost them the same rate as a standard local call to call your 0800 number.

Setting up your 0800 number is easy. Simply choose the number from our online store, choose your plan, setup your features and we will set it up for you within 1-2 days (for simple connections).

There are no additional costs to get a zintel 0800 Number from our shop. It comes inclusive with our plans, you can simply choose a number, plan and the number is yours. Depending on your plan, once you have your included minutes you will be charged additional depending on your answer point.

No, the cost for calling a 0800 number from a mobile will be determined by the mobile phone service provider.

No, a 0800 number is not toll free, unlike an 0508 Number. Calling a 0800 number from a landline will cost your customers the same rate as a standard local call.

Getting a 0800 number with Zintel is easy. Simply visit our online store, choose your number, choose your plan and we will set you up within 1-2 days. Once setup is complete the number is yours.

If you want a specific number: Go to the Numbering System and see if the number you had in mind if available. Once you purchase a number from the Numbering System, you can call us up on 0800 946 835 and our expert will help connect this number for you.

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800 reasons to get your number.

We’ll help find the best plan and 0800 Number for your Business.