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0508 Numbers

Boost your business with a Zintel 0508 number.

Think big and act big with our inbound numbers and call services.

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What are 0508 Numbers?

Making a 0508 Number work for your small business.

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0508 Numbers

0508 Numbers are national inbound numbers that ensure your business remains as accessible and customer focused as possible. By offering your customers a central, national number they can call from any land line or mobile phone for the cost of a local call, you’re joining the leading companies in New Zealand as an established brand in your market place.

Your customers will know that your phone number leads to the most relevant business representative in their area and isn’t costing them a fortune to speak to. You can ensure that your call forwarding services are manual or automated with thousands of flexible call routing options to choose from. Everything is always flexible with Zintel so you can choose to change your forwarding options or, better yet, respond to insights offered by our call reporting and call management tools to opt for the most efficient routing and forwarding possible for your customers.

Getting 0508 Numbers for your business is about more than just changing your central phone number.  It’s about simplifying your customers’ journeys and ensuring that every call is answered efficiently and on time by the right person. To get that right, you need the right telecommunications provider like Zintel. We don’t only hand out memorable 0508 Numbers, we offer our clients a complete telecommunications solution. You choose the best phone number for your business and then let us know how to direct calls received to that number around New Zealand. This might be a mobile number we forward your calls to or you could opt for our intuitive automated solutions like Interactive Voice Response (IVR) which allows you customers to direct their own calls to the most relevant contact.

If you’re looking to buy a 0508 number for the first time then we can take you through exactly what’s involved and break down each and every cost associated with your new number and call routing features. Shifting to a central, national phone number can be a big step for a small business which is why our account managers are committed to ensuring that you only choose the best working option for your business. This includes showing you how our 0800 Numbers, free call numbers (including international toll free numbers), and virtual phone numbers work to help you make an informed decision about what works best for your business.

We will also take you through our complete call centre services and show you how we’re helping to support New Zealand businesses with the highest quality customer service and 24/7 locally based support you can call whenever you need an expert to speak to. As part of our call centre offerings, you can opt for a bespoke answering service where you choose to have every one of your customer calls answered by a friendly and professional telephonist who can manually forward calls made to your number or voice mail. This way, your customers will always speak with a real human being every time they dial your number, helping to reassure customers that every call is valuable to your business and every customer is special.

Our call tracking features offer your business relevant and real time insights into the health of your marketing and customer service. Easily track calls made from particular local areas where you have targeted recent marketing strategies, measuring your ROI quickly and effectively. Use your customer call data to decide where your customer journeys are weakest and strongest, highlighting high performing representatives in your most successful sales regions or the areas you could afford to target more effectively. Every business, large or small, needs to ensure that they are getting the best value for every service and at Zintel we actively work to ensure that you don’t get locked into expensive and low performing contracts; that you have the flexibility to scale up or scale down your 0508 Numbers and associated call features; that you get the relevant call data that you need to make the most of your business profile and develop into an established and trusted New Zealand brand name.

We’ll find the perfect number for your business

How to get a 0508 number

Getting 0508 Numbers takes about 5 minutes. Everything you need is available online and accessible within one central form. To understand how we can help you track and measure national calls and how your customers can enjoy the lowest call rates from mobile and fixed line services, our consultants are ready to chat with you right now.

We’ll take you through exactly what we mean when we say that your call features are entirely flexible and how you can answer every call from anywhere in New Zealand. We’ll also explain how portable your 0508 Numbers are and that you can switch providers easily without the need to change your central number. We’ll break down exactly what we mean when we offer you scalable solutions you can increase, decrease or cease entirely whenever you want. We’ll take you through exactly how your customer calls will be routed and offer you the option of rostering your routing, opting for overflow our outside of trading hours routing, taking you through our sequential routing options, showing you exactly how a customer moves through your contact list and when, as well as a host of other bespoke routing options that you can choose.
There are so many ways you can have your customer calls handled promptly and professionally and our account managers are committed to curating the best solution for your specific business needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach at Zintel. We develop the best solutions using the skills of expert telecommunications engineers.

If 0508 Numbers are not quite the solution that you’re looking for, chat with us today to discover how we can best service your business. We can help you with virtual phone numbers which contain a local area code that customers can call, making you seem local wherever you really are. If you’re a national business that specialises in offering the highest customer service and have local outlets all over the country, a virtual phone number containing local area codes could be exactly what your business needs to gain and maintain a foothold in suburban markets all around New Zealand.

If your business is a leader in its market and you’re looking for a catchy, memorable contact number, considering using phone words. This type of number will spell out a relevant term or business name when typed into a standard alphanumeric keypad. If your customers can’t remember your phone number right when they need your goods or services, then they won’t have to go searching for it. They can simply remember whatever word or phrase you have chosen and spell it out using their keypad.

Our business is about best supporting your business with clean, clear and efficient telecommunications solutions. That means offering you the best and most affordable 0508 Numbers and the highest level of service and flexibility for your contract. All of your business calls will be supported by Tier 1 networks ensuring call clarity and efficiency. Move into a national market and take your business to the next level with our help. Contact one of our experts today to discuss your 0508 Numbers or call routing needs.

It’s your turn to shine.
We’re here to support you.

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Work anywhere with the ability to answer your business calls wherever it suits you.



On the go? Your 0508 number is truly portable. Use your call forwarding feature to move seamlessly from your office to the car to your job site.



Is your business more than just you? Direct calls to different people using our IVR feature. That way you’ll make the most of every call and not waste a second of anyone’s time.



Have you considered the costs of getting new phone numbers if you relocate? Updating collateral and business cards alone can cost hundreds of dollars. With a toll free number, this worry can disappear, you can take your toll free number anywhere in the country!



Measure what’s working and what needs improvement with your call management system. You’ll soon know which marketing channel is delivering real results.


Maximise every single call.

You don’t need any additional software, apps or hardware to have a 0508 number. Zintel manages your 0508 number through your existing mobile or landline provider. You don’t even require the internet to answer calls, it’s all inbuilt.

Why Zintel?

We make hard business decision easy.

When it comes to managing your calls, we can help your small business with absolutely everything.


Small businesses need big support

We understand it can be hard to make decisions on your own. When you partner with Zintel,
we give you unlimited support. You can call our New Zealand based technical support team 24/7
and we’ll do our best to help you however we can.


Don’t let a poor quality call signal a poor quality business

At Zintel, we choose Tier 1 corporate grade networks such as Optus and Vocus for the best quality call lines and reliability. You’ll enjoy 99.97% uptime and uncapped calls (we don’t limit the number of calls to your 0508 number) ensuring our robust technology is a cut above the rest. Find out more.


You manage your business

With an Zintel 0508 number, you will enjoy included call features that give you more control over your business. You’ll also have the freedom to cancel your plan whenever you like with no locked-in contracts.

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A 0508 number is a game changer for your business.

A 0508 number looks more professional and is easier for your customers to remember.

Be on the go

You never know when a new business call is going to come in. Never miss a call again with the flexible features of an Zintel 0508 number.

Advertise the number New Zealand wide

A 0508 number shows customers that you’re established and reputable. As you grow, you can advertise the same number New Zealand wide.

Keep your number even if  you relocate

If you need to relocate or change your location, you can take your number with you. You’ll always be able to be reached by the same number.

Free calls for your  customers

Our Zintel call features help you enhance your customer call experience. They also help you run your business more smoothly so you can concentrate on the big picture.

We allow you to get the most out of your number.

From the first call to investigate the allocation of a number, service was professional, helpful and easy.

Whether you’re just starting out or running an established business, every phone call could be a new opportunity. You never know when an important new business lead is on the phone so we understand it’s very frustrating when you miss calls.

With Zintel, we can immediately help you solve this problem and make sure you never miss a new business opportunity again. We’ll give you all the tools and support to help you build your reputation, project a professional business image and capture every call so they don’t go to your competitors.

Number Type 0508 Number
Call Features Call Overflow
Voice to Email
Plan Basic

Totally upfront. We make our fine print big print.

What to Look for What to Avoid

Reliability & Network

Remove drop-offs or quality issues when you’re in a business call

Tier 1 provider with corporate grade up time and system redundancies Low quality VoIP infrastructure that can cause bad connections

Concurrent Calling

Don’t limit your sales because your toll free number has a limit. Allow multiple calls at any time whether it is a campaign or you have a call centre.

Unlimited concurrent calls as much as your answer point can handle. Potentially limit your concurrent calls to less than 5
0508 Number Call Features

A 0508 number is a game changer for your business.

Innovative features that will elevate your business.

Call Forwarding

Call Overflow – Sequential

Business Hours Routing

Time & Day-Based Routing

Simple Geographic Routing

Geographic Routing Copy 3

Complex Geographic Routing

Simple Menu Routing

Complex Menu Routing

Key Press to Answer

Call Blocking

Call Announce

Inbound Call Recording

Outbound Call Recording

Call Reporting & Analytics

Play Announcement

Voice to Email

Virtual Receptionist

Professional Voice Over

Professional Voice Talent Recording

Email to SMS

Email to SMS

See how your business can benefit


Features that will change your business.

You can still present a professional image to your customers, even if you’re a small business. Our powerful call features will get you there. Give your business the ultimate freedom and flexibility to never miss a lead again.

Our team maximises what your business can do

0508 Number Availability

Pick your perfect 0508 number now.

Call Us on 0800 946 835 we can help find the right number for you.

Found the number? Need help setting it up or couldn’t find the number and need help finding the right one?

Request a Call Back

Request a call back. We’ll help you get it sorted.

Compare Your Options

Which type of number suits your business?

Easily find the difference between 0800 Number, 0508 Numbers and Local Virtual Numbers to ensure you make the best decision for your business

0800 Numbers 0508 Numbers Local Virtual Number
Plans Available Available on all plans Available on all plans Available on all plans
Cost to your customer, when they call Free Call Free Call Landline Call
Cost to your business Refer to plan specifications Refer to plan specifications Refer to plan specifications
Number Example 0800 123 123 0508 123 123 (09) Auckland
(03) Christchurch/Dunedin
(075) Tauranga
(04) Wellington
Feature Compatibility Compatible with ALL features Compatible with ALL features Not Compatible with:
Geographic Routing
Restricted Call Access

Need help deciding? We’re always here to help…


Great value plans with no lock-in contracts.


Choose Your Number Types

How It Works


Select Your Value Plan

Pricing and Plans


Select Your Advanced Features

Call Features

Need help getting started? Call us on 0800 946 835

0508 Number Add-ons

Business Boosters: Handle calls more professionally.

Professional Call Recording

Put your business on the same level as New Zealand’s leading companies with a Professional Voice Recording. We’ll arrange for a professional voice artist to record your business voice greeting, voicemail and IVR menu. We’ll also have it installed so you’re ready to go and start impressing customers.

Virtual Receptionist

Our Virtual Receptionist feature is like having a receptionist (without having to pay for one). All your calls will be answered by a customer service professional from our New Zealand based call centre. We’ll then send you a short message via SMS or email so you can take action. It’s a fantastic way to personalise your customer experience while giving you freedom and flexibility.

Transfer Existing Number

Make the Switch without missing a beat!

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Complete freedom of choice!

Keep your existing numbers or pick new numbers

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We make switching seamless

Zero downtime, no porting fees

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Start saving with our all-inclusive plans

Plans start from $20 a month with
included calls and call features

No Porting Fees

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Achieving outstanding results over and over again.

The lower costs enabled us to compete in new markets. The service we receive is far better than other providers.
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We continue to receive amazing customer service and care, which Youthline values highly and appreciates greatly.
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Nice speedy customer service. Easy to use.
New office

Starting a new office?

Start off on the right foot with a professional image that makes your business look bigger.

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Growing business

Growing Business?

We’ll help you grow your business and figure our what’s working for you and what isn’t.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

No, to obtain an 0508 number, you must purchase one of our Zintel plans where the number is included. For your customers, it will be free for them to call your 0508 number.

Yes, 0508 numbers are free to call from most major mobile networks in New Zealand.

Setting up your 0508 number is easy. Simply choose the number from our online store, choose your plan, setup your features and we will set it up for you within 1-2 days (for simple connections).

Yes, 0508 is toll free for most major networks in New Zealand, which means your customers won’t pay to call your business.

There are no additional costs to get an Zintel 0508 Number from our shop. It comes inclusive with our plans, you can simply choose a number, plan and the number is yours. Depending on your plan, once you have your included minutes you will be charged additional depending on your answer point.

Getting an 0508 number with Zintel is easy. Simply visit our online store, choose your number, choose your plan and we will set you up within 1-2 days. Once setup is complete the number is yours.

If you wanted a specific number: Go to the Numbering System and see if the number you had in mind if available. Once you purchase a number from The Numbering System, you can call us up on 0800 946 835 and our expert will help connect this number for you.

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508 reasons to get your number.

We’ll help find the best plan and 0508 Number for your Business.

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